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We Accept a Wide Range of Health Plans

WestWind Wellness Clinic is actively in the process of becoming credentialed as an in-network provider with all major insurance companies. This complex and ongoing endeavor means that the acceptance status of various insurance benefits at WestWind Wellness Clinic may vary. In the meantime, we can provide superbills for clients to personally seek reimbursement from their insurance companies. Additionally, we are equipped to bill your insurance company as an out-of-network provider. In certain cases, we have progressed sufficiently in the credentialing process to accept your in-network benefits, with the capability to retroactively bill your insurance.


We understand that this process can be intricate and potentially confusing. At WestWind Wellness Clinic, we strive to eliminate any obstacles that could prevent you from accessing the care you need. To assist you in navigating your insurance benefits, our Office Manager, Kinsey Compton, is available to verify your benefits and discuss all available options with you. She can be reached at (208) 651- 1158.

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