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Rick Westby, MS, LCPS-S

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Rick embarked on his academic journey with eyes set on a role where he could be a beacon of change and accountability in society: a probation officer. With a foundational background in Criminal Justice, he envisioned a career characterized by empathy, compassion, and principled guidance. However, as life unfolded, Rick found himself steering towards a path where he could delve deeper into the nuances of individual transformation. Consequently, he furthered his education at Grand Canyon University, obtaining master's degrees in both Addiction Counseling and Professional Counseling. This expanded his horizons, enabling him to foster more direct and meaningful interventions in the lives of individuals grappling with complex challenges.


During his formative years of hands-on learning and internship, Rick identified a glaring gap in his beloved Arizona town's support system for those battling addiction and mental health issues. This realization spurred him to pioneer the establishment of the area's first non-state-funded, fully integrated behavioral health agency. Initially nurtured as a family endeavor, the agency rapidly blossomed to become a bastion of support and healing, incorporating the expertise of other dedicated counselors in the community and providing vital support to adults, young adults, and children alike.

With a leadership style synonymous with empathy, humor, and a refreshing casualness, Rick has redefined the dynamics of therapeutic relationships. Moving away from the stereotypical constructs of therapist-client interactions, Rick instills a culture of joyous anticipation and courage, encouraging individuals to face life's twists and turns with optimism and resilience. A committed believer in the power of community and collaboration, he emphasizes solution-focused approaches, fostering an environment where individuals feel empowered to transcend their challenges with the support of others. This vibrant ethos seamlessly integrates into his role at WestWind, where mentoring relationships flourish as a precious cornerstone of the therapeutic process.

Now nestled once again in the picturesque landscapes of his home state, Idaho, Rick immerses himself in the vibrant embrace of nature. A passionate motorcycle enthusiast, Rick is often found traversing the scenic routes or hiking the majestic mountains that cradle the region. An avid swimmer, the pristine lakes and rivers serve as his refreshing retreats. Amidst these adventures, Rick cherishes the tranquil moments spent with his expanding family, often seeking solace and rejuvenation in his two sanctuaries: Tubbs Hill and the North Fork of the Coeur d'Alene. Whether concocting culinary delights or nurturing peace through meditation, Rick embodies a spirit that harmoniously blends zest for life with tranquil introspection, a philosophy he ardently shares with all who cross his path.

Areas of Expertise:

Relationship (Marriage), Parenting/Blended Family, Depression, Anxiety, Substance Abuse, Life Transition

Ages: 18+

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