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Kinsey Compton, MBA, CPC, CPMA


After completing her MBA in Healthcare Administration in 2015, Kinsey embarked on a new journey to Idaho where she initially honed her skills in Assisted Living and Hospice care in Boise. Seeking a balanced work-life setup, she relocated to New Meadows and transitioned to a home-based role as a medical coder, a shift that allowed her to nurture her growing family. In 2021, the allure of North Idaho beckoned, and her family embraced the scenic region as their new home. Always eager to evolve, Kinsey furthered her professional development by securing a Certified Professional Medical Auditing credential in 2022.


Following a fulfilling stint working from home, a compelling desire to connect more with her community began to stir within her. After acquainting herself with the remarkable team and the promising visions for the future at WestWind Wellness Clinic, Kinsey realized she had stumbled upon the ideal platform to both leverage her expertise and pursue her passion. She is thrilled to spearhead initiatives that will bridge the community to essential care services, harboring hopes to extend these benefits to a wider radius soon.


Away from her professional commitments, Kinsey savors the vibrant outdoors and recreational prospects that the area generously offers. Whether it's engaging in a rejuvenating run, indulging in a yoga session, or seeking out live music venues, Kinsey finds joy in each moment. Family outings range from ski trips and lakeside picnics to delightful visits to Silverwood and the farmers market, creating a tapestry of cherished memories in their beloved new home.

Areas of Expertise:

Billing and Coding, Insurance Verification, Service funding

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