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Kayla Culleton, LMSW, LCDC


Embarking on her journey in residential treatment in 2009, Kayla emerged as a beacon of support and understanding in her role as a youth and family specialist. Concurrently pursuing an Associate's degree in Human Services at Central Maine Community College, she fostered genuine connections and garnered invaluable experience, igniting a spark that propelled her to further hone her academic prowess with a Bachelor's degree in Social and Behavioral Sciences.

Kayla's relentless pursuit of knowledge and expertise flourished as she added notable credentials to her portfolio, earning certifications as an Alcohol and Drug Counselor (CADC) and a Mental Health Rehabilitation Technician (MHRT-C). In her capacity as a CADC, Kayla emerged as a linchpin in the recovery sector, offering individualized sessions, case management services, and an unwavering pillar of support during crises.

During her tenure as an MHRT-C, Kayla sculpted a pathway to empowerment for adults, fostering skill development for successful independent living and seamless integration into the community. This period crystallized her understanding of the intricate landscape of residential treatment and independent living facilities. Engaging deeply with residents and a diverse team of professionals, Kayla recognized the pivotal role social workers play in weaving a tapestry of supportive networks and personalized care.

Fueled by a growing passion to effect meaningful change, Kayla embarked on a new academic journey, pursuing a Master's degree in Social Work at the University of New England. Here, she honed her skills in behavior modification therapy, creating a nexus of support for adolescents in various settings. She skillfully designed and implemented behavior plans, fostering close collaboration with families and team members to orchestrate successful treatments.

With a rich tapestry of a decade-long experience, Kayla is a cherished asset to the Integrated team. Avoiding a one-size-fits-all approach, she crafts bespoke strategies drawing from a diverse palette of methodologies, embracing the unique nuances of each individual and scenario she encounters. Kayla stands as a pillar of non-judgmental support and honest caring, firmly believing in the transformative power of guidance and nurturing individuals to unearth their innate strengths and stride towards fulfilling, joyous lives.

In moments of tranquility, you'll find Kayla embracing the great outdoors, whether kayaking serene waters, setting up camp amidst nature, or enjoying a quiet day of fishing. A fervent lover of family moments and canine companionship, Kayla cherishes the blissful times spent with her loved ones and her two adorable dogs, embodying the harmony and joy she seeks to cultivate in the lives of others.

Areas of Expertise:

Depression, Anxiety, Life Transitions, Substance Use Disorders

Ages: 18+

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