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Joshua Westby, DSW(c), LCSW, ASDCS



In the early days of his career, Joshua embarked on a journey in the realm of residential treatment as the guiding force behind a young adult sober living transitional program. This initial venture ignited a profound connection with program participants, steering Joshua's focus from criminal justice to the nurturing sphere of social work.

As a budding scholar at Arizona State University, pursuing a Bachelor's in Community Advocacy, Joshua immersed himself in the world of long-term residential treatment at a leading
22-bed therapeutic boarding school. It was during this pivotal time that he honed his expertise in the nuanced dynamics of residential treatment, recognizing the pivotal role of cohesive, multi-disciplinary teams and fostering a collaborative, supportive approach to healing. Ascending to the role of Program Director, Joshua became an inspirational figure, mentoring staff, coordinating with the mental health community nationwide, and nurturing both youth and their families on their recovery journeys.


Further expanding his knowledge base, Joshua achieved a Master’s in Social Work from Arizona State University, concurrently dedicating his efforts to a local community health agency’s Integrated Behavioral Health department. In this role, he extended support to individuals navigating the emotional complexities of health diagnoses. His subsequent position as a therapist within the Post-Acute Care team further refined his skills, aiding individuals in skilled and assisted living facilities adapt to significant life transitions. Joshua's journey in this realm underscored the vital importance of developing resilience and adaptability during life's transitional phases.

Now, with a rich tapestry of a decade-long experience, Joshua graces the WestWind team with his passion for unlocking individuals' true potential. His philosophy hinges on the belief that genuine care forms the foundation of impactful connections and positive transformations. Joshua's empathetic nature shines through in every interaction, be it with the youth, their families, or within the community he cherishes.


Currently a doctoral candidate at the University of Southern California, Joshua is avidly delving into research focused on preventive interventions for youth in rural and underserved communities. His dedication to community well-being also finds him serving on the Board of Directors for a Shoshone county crisis prevention and resource agency. When not immersed in his professional or academic pursuits, Joshua embraces the joy of the outdoors, be it skiing down mountain slopes or enjoying a relaxing round of golf. His love for nature extends to camping expeditions and exploring the wilderness with his family and beloved two dogs.

Areas of Expertise:
Blended Family, Youth, Anxiety, Depression, Adjustment, Oppositional Defiance, Failure to Launch, Autism

Ages: 14+

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